V/A - This Is Boston Not L.A. (1982)

Egyes Oldal:

01. Straight Jacket (Jerry's Kids)
02. Uncontrollable (Jerry's Kids)
03. Wired (Jerry's Kids)
04. Desperate (Jerry's Kids)
05. Pressure (Jerry's Kids)
06. I Don't Wanna (Jerry's Kids)
07. Options (The Proletariat)
08. Religion Is The Opium Of The Masses (The Proletariat)
09. Allegiance (The Proletariat)
10. Angel (The Groinoids)
11. Preskool Dropout (The F.U.'s)
12. Radio UNIX U.S.A. (The F.U.'s)

Kettes Oldal:
13. Green Beret (The F.U.'s)
14. Time Is Money (The F.U.'s)
15. Snob (Gang Green)
16. Lie, Lie (Gang Green)
17. I Don't Know (Gang Green)
18. Rabies (Gang Green)
19. Narrow Mind (Gang Green)
20. Kill A Commie (Gang Green)
21. Have Fun (Gang Green)
22. Slam (Decadence)
23. Broken Bones (The Freeze)
24. Idiots At Happy Hour (The Freeze)
25. Now Or Never (The Freeze)
26. Sacrifice Not Suicide (The Freeze)
27. It's Only Alcohol (The Freeze)
28. Trouble If You Hide (The Freeze)
29. Time Bomb (The Freeze)
30. This Is Boston Not L.A. (The Freeze)





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